Sato always knows that any minor health problem can disturb our life. Therefore, our 100 researchers at the Shinagawa Research and Development Center continuing in developing and refining different ingredients with our experience and latest technology. In order to produce high quality therapeutic products which are safe, effective and meet the cGMP international standard, so that you can have a healthy body, keep on with your work and enjoying your life.

For the purpose of maximizing the effects of our products, we put much effort and resources in the development and application of science and technology, and also in environmental protection since Sato established in 1915. At the Hachioji and Kazusa Akademia factories, we equipped with automatic grading equipment; from the initial materials supply stage, to the final packaging stage, are completed by these machineries. With the help of advanced production facilities, we can make sure that every product meets the highest safety standard.

Recently, we have a great breakthrough in developing new drug delivery systems (DDSs) and SATAB : DDSs – technique that can accurately calculate the timing and area of absorption of drug into the body; SATAB – a tablet which dissolves in the mouth without the need for water, and take action within few minutes. SATAB is patented in many countries including the USA and Japan. These pharmaceutical breakthroughs perfectly define Sato’s philosophy: “Healthcare Innovation”.

Moreover, Sato cooperates with many eminent Universities to investigate and develop genetic research, with the goal of making positive contribution to pharmacy and human health.

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