Calcium is the essential mineral of bone; excessive loss of calcium makes the bones weak and increases the risk of fracture, which may lead to Osteoporosis.

Elderly has higher risk of developing Osteoporosis, however, woman above the age of 40 may already have a bone density that is below the lower limit of normal. Besides, men also have the chance to develop Osteoporosis.

Therefore, we should intake adequate calcium to protect from developing Osteoporosis.


  • Dairy products: Low-fat milk, Low-fat yogurt, Low-fat cheese (Cheddar)
  • Vegetables: Chinese cabbage (cooked), Broccoli (cooked), Kale (cooked), Soya bean SPROUTS (COOKED)
  • Fish: Canned sardines (with bones), Canned salmon (with bones)
  • Beans/bean products: Soya bean (cooked), Black-eye bean (cooked), Fresh bean curd, SOYA BEAN MILK (CALCIUM FORTIFIED), BEAN CURD SHEET
  • Nuts: Almond, Sesame, Pistachio nut, Peanut, Cashew nut

Apart from adequate calcium intake, we need to know the factors and minerals affecting calcium absorption of our body. For instance, vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium, regular exercise can stimulate bones to absorb and store more calcium.

In contrast, intake of caffeine, large amount of protein and salty foods increase the rate of calcium loss; smoking and drinking alcohol reduce calcium absorption and also increase the rate of calcium loss, which we should avoid.

Although dairy products rich in calcium, not everyone like them, so you can choose taking calcium tablets as a supplement. For sure, over intake of calcium will harm our body, which may lead to the formation of kidney stones and may hinder the absorption of iron and zinc. Therefore, keep in mind, balance nutrition is very important.